"Hey Siri Start Safestreaming"


The purpose of the system is to provide a layer of visibility and enhance public safety to the BCAST member and/or provide the general public valuable live video in emergency situations. A user would engage Safe-Stream in emergency situations when live videos could be of value to public safety officials or when they believe that a disclosed “I am LIVE-STREAMING” video would modify behavior in potentially risky scenarios with all involved knowing that officials are watching and a record is being made.


With Safe-Stream operating in the background of a mobile device a user can go about normal use - texting, phone calls, etc and simply adjust camera angle if necessary to confront a situation. When Safe-Streaming, location data is tracked and the mobile device camera’s backlight is activated with a steady flashing providing approaching individuals notification.

We're On A Mission 


BCAST has two divisions: Consumer-focused on Sports, Celebrities and News and Public Safety-using new live streaming technologies in conjunction with law enforcement, homeland security, fire safety and personal security with "Safe-Stream".

BCAST is founded on the principal of using new ideas, methodologies and emerging technologies to bring live streaming video to every day life in ways historically unavailable. In this way we seek to use our technology platform to genuinely enhance peoples lives in the areas of social media, news, public safety and emergency response.


Why can’t we live stream to a safety cloud from the perimeter cameras on a “self-driving” car or stream from the cockpit of a commercial airliner using the public wifi, or equip children with cameras embedded in book bags so that they can stream in a bullying situation or other emergency.

At BCAST we intend to explore just that.

BCAST Connected Community Initiative


Safe-Stream is free to use and incorporates location awareness so a Safe-Stream user can elect to share their live video stream with nearby public safety officials and further to use the “Beacon” to notify other nearby BCAST members to either view a potentially community relevant stream or have them start streaming also. All deliverable to friends/family or police via mobile devices, the web or Smart TV’s.


Imagine providing valuable real-time live video to FEMA in a weather crisis or a road rage or domestic abuse incident being diffused when the perpetrator is notified that the entire scene is being broadcast live to a police command center and/or other first responders en-route. The cloud-stored video also is available for training and/or evidentiary purposes. BCast will provide an open API to make the BCAST Public Safety Network available to other applications/platforms that could take advantage of delivering useful citizen-generated lives streams to public safety officials.

What is Safestream


Safestream™ is a personal safety broadcasting application of the BCAST labs arriving in summer 2019 which initiates a live broadcasting stream from a mobile device or connected camera into the BCAST “Safety Cloud” with notifications sent to preset individuals or public safety officials. Safe-Stream broadcasts are archived and by default are not shared with the general public except for “Safety” individuals preset by the user (Spouse, Parent, Nearby Friends) and public safety officials such as police and fire when appropriate. The BCAST live streaming platform has been in operational since 2015.



Using Live Streaming as the Next Generation of personal protection

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